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VIDEO: Highlights from Jaal Marroo's Speech to Newly Graduated Trainees

September 24th, 2023 - The commander-in-chief of the OLF-OLA, jaal Marroo Diriba, attended the graduation ceremony of the "Guca Bilisummaa" cohort of trainees. He used the occasion to deliver articulate messages aimed at the Oromo public, the Oromo diaspora, the regime, and the members of the regime's military, touching on a diverse array of subjects.

Conduct and Ethical Standards

Jaal Marroo underscored the OLA's uncompromising policy on behaviors that breach the organization’s code of conduct. He conveyed to the graduates the imperative of upholding high standards and exemplifying the values of the OLA in all their interactions, emphasizing their role as representatives of the organization wherever they may be.

Advancement in The Struggle

Addressing the prevailing conditions, jaal Marroo elaborated on the extensive preparations underway for the imminent strategic advancement. He informed the graduates that the “real war had yet to commence” and delved into the comprehensive endeavors being undertaken in readiness for the opportune moment.

Communique to the Regime's Military Personnel

Jaal Marroo sent a message to members of the regime's military, assuring them that aligning with the OLA should not be a matter of fear and encouraging them to seize the earliest opportunity to do so. For those embedded within the OLA’s clandestine networks, he counselled patience despite the prevailing conflict between PP and Amhara state, emphasising the importance of timing.

Outreach to the Oromo Diaspora

Jaal Marroo issued a clarion call to the Oromo diaspora to bolster the newly instituted OLF-OLA Foreign Bureau under Jaal Qajela Siraj. He outlined the pivotal roles they could play in advancing the struggle and stressed the critical importance of strategic organization.

Addressing the Malaria Crisis in Oromia

Jaal Marroo shed light on the recent malaria crisis in western Oromia, citing over 58,000 infections within the last six weeks. He criticized the regime’s callous rationing of crucial medication and highlighted the initiatives undertaken by the OLA to assure the public's access to necessary treatments. Furthermore, he provided advice to the public on preventative measures against malaria outbreaks within communities. __________________________________________________

FULL VIDEO (Untranslated):

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