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NEWS: Latest Batch of Recruits Complete Their Training (August 2023)

OLF-OLA (August 29th, 2023) - In the ever-evolving landscape of Oromia, the Oromo Liberation Army (OLA) continues to be the bedrock of resilience and determination. Our strength, rooted in the commitment of the Oromo community to defend its homeland against the onslaught of the Abiy regime, has witnessed a series of fortifying events.

Today, the Western Zone announced that its latest batch of recruits have completed their training and conducted their graduation ceremony in the presence of senior officers and the public in Horo Guduru. The graduation ceremony (video below) included a martial arts exhibition as well as an oath-taking ceremony. In their speeches, the senior officers present reminded the recruits of the unique challenges that will face them as they face both Fano terrorists and the oppressive forces of Abiy Ahmed in a two-pronged war.

This graduation marks the third in less than a month. On July 29th, the Central Zone's latest batch of recruits held their graduation ceremony in the presence of jaal Sanyii Nagasaa, esteemed member of the OLF-OLA Executive Committee and the top commanding officer of the Central Zone. In his speech, he urged the new soldiers to safeguard their unity and to conduct themselves in a manner fitting of an OLA soldier. Their rigorous training sessions, dedication, and camaraderie were evident, and this day marked a significant milestone in their path.

(IMAGES) OLA Central Zone Graduation Ceremony

On August 1st, the latest batch of recruits in the Eastern Zone, undergoing training in the most arduous of conditions, held their graduation ceremonies.

(IMAGES) OLA Eastern Zone Graduation Ceremony

Likewise, on August 13th, jaal Marroo Diriba, our respected commander-in-chief, personally recognized a select group of individuals who had undergone specialized leadership training. These individuals were bestowed with officer ranks, further cementing their roles as future leaders within our organization.

Each training completion, each oath taken, and each rank bestowed is a step forward in our mission. The OLA, with its deep-rooted principles and commitment to the Oromo cause, will continue its efforts to fortify its ranks and uphold the values it stands for. Thank you for your continued support and belief in our cause. Together, we forge ahead.

Victory to the Oromo and All Oppressed Peoples!

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News Journalist
News Journalist
Aug 30, 2023

Qabsoon bilisummaa fi bilisummaa Oromoo hanqina hoggansa dhugaa fi mul’ata qabuun marfamee jira. Namoonni akka Jawar Mohammed fi gareen isaanii Diyaaspooraa keessa jiran carraa qaanii hin qabne isaanii gara gosa aartiitti ol kaasuu danda'uun isaanii waan nama hawwatuudha. Namni tokko miseensonni hawaasa Oromoo quuqama isaanii keessaa dammaqanii hanna tooftaa kana deggeruun dogongora epic proportions ta'uu isaa akka hubatan qofa abdachuu danda'a. Namoonni haxxummaa qaban kun, kanneen of tajaajiluu caalaa homaa hin taane kun geggeessuu akka danda'an amanuu qabsoon Oromoo gara guddina dhugaatti taasifamu fakkeenya naivety ti. It’s almost comical to witness their antics – hattoonni narcissistic fi clowns ga’umsa hin qabne kunniin aartii hawwii ummata Oromoo leeching off gochuun osoo homaa hin dhiheessine irratti bobba’aniiru. Ogeeyyiin isaanii tokkichi namoota dhuunfaa Oromoo addunyaa…


News Journalist
News Journalist
Aug 30, 2023

The Oromo people's quest for freedom and liberation faces obstacles due to a dearth of effective, trustworthy leadership. From my perspective, figures like Jawar Mohammed and others in the Oromo Diaspora embody a troubling mix of opportunism and deceit. It's crucial for the Oromo community to summon the courage to recognize that aligning with such manipulative opportunists is a significant misstep. Entertaining the notion that these cunning individuals could guide the Oromo's pursuit of freedom, democracy, and justice towards meaningful progress reflects naivety. In my view, the self-proclaimed Oromo leaders of today amount to little more than charlatans, self-serving thieves, and ineffective jesters. They rely solely on exploiting the aspirations of the Oromo people's struggle for their own gain. Genuine progress…

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