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Sustainable Peace can never be achieved through Terrorism and Misinformation! (Press Release)

(OLF-OLA High Command Press Release)

Following Tigray Defense Force’s territorial adjustments earlier this month, the ‘government’ of the Prosperity Party (PP) has begun two oxymoronic campaigns: a military operation to ‘liberate’ areas controlled by the Oromo Liberation Army (OLA) on the one hand, and preparation to start processes for a ‘peaceful national dialogue,’ on the other. Both campaigns are dead on arrival. Its effort at starting a ‘national dialogue’, which aims to establish a commission the members of which are to be handpicked by the PM himself, is, at best, a very costly joke in a country with dwindling national resources. No national dialogue can be meaningful without being truly inclusive and under the supervision of an independent commission. In its crusade to ‘eradicate’ our forces in the frontlines, the regime’s ragtag army of special police and local militia have been routed on all fronts. Our forces have, as a result, captured more areas and weapons. To cover up these losses, the regime of Abiy Ahmed is killing, maiming, and displacing civilians across Oromia to point fingers at our gallant and disciplined fighters. Clear evidence is now coming out that directly implicates the Prosperity Party. One of the most egregious cases is the video showing the massacre of Oromo civilians in Wollo that recently went viral on social media. Another equally repugnant act of cleansing the Oromo people of its leaders, its Gada leaders in this case, is the massacre of Gada elders of Karayyu in East Showa Zone. The recent killing of the family of the ex-president of the Oromia region is the latest episode in PP’s recent genocidal adventure in Oromia. These killings are not mere allegations of wrongdoing on our part. Credible evidence that directly incriminates the regime has been pilling up. Even though for an entirely different reason than seeking justice for the injured public, the government has, for instance, taken full responsibility for the brutal massacre of Gada elders of Karayyu through its current State Minister of the FDRE Ministry of Peace. The regime is also making use of other tactics to cover up its losses and at the same time denigrate the Oromo Liberation Army in all of its desperate operations. The following are some of the tactics currently in operation:

  1. Deploying Abiy’s troops with artificial wigs to impersonate members of the OLA, and committing atrocities in a frantic attempt to distance OLA from the Oromo people;

  2. Trying to give some credence to its ‘national dialogue’ by parading dismissed ex-members of the OLF and OLA in front of its media outlets;

  3. Utilizing the ‘national dialogue’ itself, in which the regime talks with itself, to deceive the international community into believing that Ethiopian stakeholders of all persuasion are participating in the process.

Hence, the OLF-OLA would like to remind the international community that the regime of Abiy Ahmed is wantonly killing civilians across Oromia, some evidenced from their own admission, in order to defame our forces and the just cause of the Oromo people. It is also tiring to concoct a ‘national dialogue’ in which conglomerate of one political camp—the mono-culture centralizing Menelikans of the Ethiopian Empire State—talk to each other through an ‘independent’ commission to be established by the parliament upon recommendation of the PM. Victory to the Oromo and Oppressed people! OLF-OLA High Command December 29, 2021

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