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PRESS RELEASE: Regarding Mr Gollicha Dhenge’s Return to Civilian Life

There has been a lot of confusion in regards to former OLA southern zone commander, Mr Gollicha Dhenge’s return to civilian life. Contrary to government news reports, Mr Gollicha has not been an OLA commander for over a year as he had withdrawn from the field to seek medical treatment. To maintain military operations, Mr Gollicha’s former deputy, jaal Gammachiis Aboye, was promoted to take his place. Following his recovery, Mr Gollicha refused several requests to return to the field and resume his command. Moreover, he also refused to participate in the OLF-OLA General Assembly held in July citing disagreements with the rest of the commanders. We understand his decision to return to civilian life given his health condition, moreover; as a respected veteran of the Oromo struggle who led OLA forces in the southern zone for over a decade, we wish him the best in his future endeavors. Victory to the Oromo and All Oppressed Peoples! OLF-OLA High Command September 20th, 2021

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