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OLA Update #8 / 2nd September, 2021

Following significant progress by the Oromo Liberation Army, the Abiy regime has began amassing troops in Nekemte (East Walaga) and Shashamane (West Arsi) in preparation of a counteroffensive.


OLA forces return an ambulance that security forces tried to use to escape Sasiga

  1. Sasiga district, East Walaga

  2. On the morning of 31st August, 2021, the OLA launched a morning attack on the Sasiga District Police station.

  3. After several hours of fighting, the Abiy regime's forces fled the area alongside several government officials; including the town mayor Geneti Taye and security bureau head Deselegn Ebiyo. Over 100 political prisoners were released from the jail and public consultation sessions were held in various towns and villages in the district.

  4. 3 pick-up trucks that attempted to bring in reinforcements for Abiy's forces were completely neutralized in Owwataa before reaching Sasiga. Another group of reinforcements arriving from Angar Gute was neutralized in Afata (Mandara 6) before reaching Sasiga.

  5. At 2pm, Abiy's forces in nearby Uke began to forcefully comandeer private vehicles to collect the wounded and dead . Eventually, 2 pickup trucks and 3 ambulances arrived from Nekemte to pick up the remaining wounded and dead enemy combatants.

  6. At 4:30pm, 3 pickup trucks and 1 Ural truck of Abiy's forces attempted to launch an offensive on OLA positions but were completely neutralized in Mandara 3.

  7. Northern East Walaga The main contingent of the Amhara militia that recently crossed into Oromia in an attempt to commit ethnic cleansing was driven out of towns and into the forests around the Blue Nile valley.



  1. Wadara district, Guji On 31st August, 2021, the OLA's Laga Dambii brigade and Odaa Adola brigade repelled an attempted counteroffensive by Abiy's forces. The fighting began at 8am at Heba Hida and continued until the evening. More than 10 enemy combatants were killed and over 21 were injured.



  1. Mida Qanyi district, West Shawa A two day engagement with Abiy's forces (September 1st to September 2nd) resulted in over 80 enemy combatants being killed and over 50 being wounded. Large numbers of weapons were also captured

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