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OLA Update #15 / 20th November, 2021



November 18th, 2021

Hidhabu Abote district, North Shawa – An offensive by regime forces was routed in Dangago resulting in over 53 enemy combatants being killed, over 32 being injured, and 2 being captured. The regime forces retreated to Ejere town. Several weapons including 2 PKs, 2 Dragunov rifles, over 50 AKs, and pistols of various types were captured

Dagam district, North Shawa - OLA forces took action on a regime military camp in Leman Kare Kora resulting in 11 enemy combatants being killed, 7 injured, and 1 being captured. 10 AK rifles were captured.

Kuyu district, North Shawa - OLA forces took action on the Gabra Guracha police station resulting in 17 enemy combatants being killed and 9 being injured. Among the killed were Inspector Abebe Tefera and Inspector Dereje- 2 notorious Oromia Special Forces commanders that are responsible for killing several political prisoners.



November 18th, 2021

Yubdo district, West Walaga - The last regime stronghold in Yubdo district was captured by OLA forces.

Leka Dulecha district, East Walaga - OLA forces drove out the remaining regime military units in Leka Dulecha district.

November 19th, 2021

Gaba Senbeta, East Walaga - An ENDF offensive on OLA positions was routed in Bosoqa after a day of heavy fighting.

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