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Military Update No: 2023-07-12

Following the unsuccessful May Offensive, regime forces experienced a substantial setback in both momentum and strategic initiative. Faced with the mounting prowess of the OLA, the regime has resorted to fully implementing a scorched earth policy targeting civilian populations. Despite this shift in the enemy strategy, OLA forces remain undeterred and have conducted a series of counteroffensives to protect the civilian population and maintain the pressure on the regime. This report summarizes key military engagements that took place between May 20th and July 11th, 2023.

May 20th

West Guji - Gale Magada Locality, Bule Hora District: OLA forces conducted a successful operation against a convoy transporting regime fighters. The operation resulted in the neutralization of 30 regime fighters, including Lieutenant Firaol Gudisa Dhuguma and Lieutenant Yigezu Bari Tafata. A subsequent group of regime fighters deployed to the area was nearly entirely eliminated, resulting in approximately 250 more casualties and over 30 injuries.

North Shawa - Warra Jarso District: On a separate front, a regime contingent preparing for an offensive against OLA positions in Warra Jarso District was surrounded and routed by the OLA forces, resulting in 66 regime casualties.

May 21st

East Guji - Didola Locality, Oddo Shakkiso District: An operation against a regime patrol unit resulted in 17 regime fighters being neutralized and 40 being captured.A DShK gun, 4 Bren guns, and 60 AKMs were captured.

North Shawa - Warra Jarso District: In a follow-up operation to the previous day's engagement in Warra Jarso District, OLA forces took on the main regime military contingent in the area. This resulted in the neutralization of 64 regime fighters, including 4 officers of major rank, and the capture of 27.

May 22nd

West Shawa - Bakafu Abetu Locality, Midaqanyi District: An operation targeted a convoy carrying units of the Republican Guard. The engagement led to 23 members of the Republican Guard being killed and 27 injured.

May 28th

Kelem Walaga - Dale Wabara and Gawo Qebe District: In Dale Wabara and Gawo Qebe districts, OLA forces captured the two main regime military camps. The operation saw 135 regime fighters killed and 35 captured. Additionally, OLA forces captured 146 AK rifles, 2 mortars, and various other munitions and grenades.

June 1st

West Guji - Dugda Dawa District: The first engagement in June took place in the Dugda Dawa District. The OLA forces neutralized a regime patrol, leading to 7 regime casualties and 5 injuries.

June 7th

West Shawa - Sululta District: OLA forces intercepted a regime patrol in the Sululta District. The successful operation resulted in 30+ regime casualties, 25 injuries, and 12 regime fighters captured. Additionally, OLA forces seized 40 AK rifles and 2 sniper rifles. (Picture Below)

June 13th

West Shawa - Odaa Dalota Locality, Ada Barga District: OLA forces preempted a planned major offensive by regime forces in the Odaa Dalota locality. This engagement led to 57 regime casualties, 23+ injuries, and 14 captured. The operation also resulted in the capture of 30 AK rifles, 2 sniper rifles, 26 handguns, and 3 mortar rounds. (Picture Below)

West Shawa - Galessa Town, Meta Robi District: An operation conducted by OLA forces resulted in 45 enemy fighters being killed.

June 21st

East Hararghe - Owitu Locality, Adami Tulu District: OLA forces conducted an operation against a regime military camp resulting in 7 regime fighters being killed and 10 being injured.

June 22nd

East Arsi - Heban Dubo Locality, Munessa District: OLA forces engaged a contingent of regime forces killing 45 regime fighters and injuring over 100.

July 6th

West Hararghe - Ciro District: OLA forces took action against a regime patrol resulting in 6 regime fighters being killed.

July 11th

Kelem Walaga: OLA forces undertook a concurrent operations against regime fighters in Kelem Walaga.

  • Hawa Galan District: OLA forces engaged with regime fighters, resulting in 67 regime fighters killed, 89 injured, and 15 captured.

  • Machara District: Concurrent operations in the Machara District led to 56 enemy fighters killed, 75 injured, and 8 captured.

  • Sadan Canqa District: In the Sadan Canqa District, 78 regime fighters were killed, 91 injured, and 14 captured.

In total, for July 11th, the engagements across the three districts resulted in 201 regime fighters killed, 255 injured, and 37 captured. OLA forces also managed to capture 105 AK rifles, 45 grenades, 10 Bren guns, 6 sniper rifles, and several thousand rounds of ammunition of various types



Our counter-offensives were successful in neutralizing at least 983 regime fighters and injuring over 400. Several hundred regime fighters remain under our custody following their surrender. A substantial amount of weaponry was seized from enemy forces including DshK guns and mortar rounds.


Weapons Captured By OLA Forces Near Sululta (June 7th, 2023)
Weapons Captured By OLA Forces Near Sululta (June 7th, 2023)

Weapons and Regime Fighters Captured by the OLA in Ada Barga (June 13th, 2023)
Weapons and Regime Fighters Captured by the OLA in Ada Barga (June 13th, 2023)
Weapons captured in Hararghe (May 11th)
Weapons captured in Ada Barga (June 13th, 2023)

Regime fighters captured in Ada Barga (June 13th, 2023)
Regime fighters captured in Ada Barga (June 13th, 2023)

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