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Announcing the Oromo Liberation Army’s Brief Political Manifesto

The long-standing quest of our people for democratic self-rule has been one of the key demands that undergirded major changes in Ethiopia over the past sixty years. While the movements that led to changes in governments have not transformed the state of the Oromo question, they have however brought the Oromo issue to the mainstream agenda in Ethiopian political life.

However, over the past few years, confusion regarding the main agenda and agency of the OLA has been equally pervasive. Illumination is thus needed on these key issues and regarding the way forward. To clarify some of these matters of concern, a short piece titled A Brief Political Manifesto: from Armed Struggle to the Prospect for Peace is hereby published.

OLF-OLA High Command January 23, 2023

Press Release (PDF):

Announcing OLA Brief Manifesto[1]
Download PDF • 90KB

January 2023 Manifesto:

Website Link


OLF-OLA 2023 Manifesto
Download • 290KB

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